Rocro Inc. releases Loadroid, its cloud-based load testing service

Rocro Inc., which provides SaaS tools for software developers, is proud to announce the launch of the public beta version of Loadroid, its cloud automated load testing service.

With Loadroid, developers describe their load testing scenarios in YAML. Then, Loadroid automatically sets up the test environment on the cloud, executes load tests according to the scenario, aggregates the results, and displays it in an actionable and easy-to-read graph.

Results in Web UI

As a result, the time required to perform load testing is dramatically reduced. In our tests, a task that took two weeks with JMeter was done in four hours.
Loadroid also operates completely under software control, so the users can easily incorporate it into their CI. This way, developers can make sure their load tests are automatically run at specified events. Usually, developers seek software quality in such terms as the number of bugs, complexity, and similar varieties of metrics. However, the quality of the final product is equally determined by how many people can access the application. With Loadroid, you can pursue higher product performance right from the development phase. Loadroid was built to achieve high scalability, and can be easily set-up to run tests that simulate millions of IoT devices.

Easy to write test scenarios in YAML

Our CLI tool is free of charge, so you can get started with Loadroid today!

Here are a few testimonials from our closed test customers:

We provide API services that expect a large number of requests and we started using Loadroid to perform load testing. With other tools, it would be very expensive and time consuming to build an environment where you could have 10,000 requests per second. Happily, with Loadroid, all we have to do is to write a simple YAML and the tests take just a few minutes. The result graph is drawn in real time, and its history is also committed to Git. This way, we can easily manage even the most complex test cases. Because JavaScript is available, it can handle dynamic requests, which is very useful.

Masataka Morishita, CTO, Ginco Inc.

We moved commercial services from on-premises to AWS’s cloud environment. At that time, we used Loadroid to conduct load testing against the AWS environment. Although there were about 5 sites to be migrated, the load testing was performed for each site simply by writing a YAML file and switching the branch. As a result, the performance testing took a very short amount of time.

Akihiro Miura, Executive Officer, COOCOM CO.,LTD

Loadroid is available free of charge during the beta period from this link. If you plan a very large-scale load testing scenarios that is beyond the scope of the beta version, please contact us.

Rocro services outline

  1. Inspecode: Automated code review & code correction service
    • Automated code review, powered by more than 70 established tools such as Checkstyle, golint, Pyflakes, etc.
    • Strong automated correction features. Easily merge fixes using Pull Request.
    • Faster than the current state-of-the-art. Results are obtained instantly.
  2. Docstand: API documentation and hosting service
    • Connects to a GitHub or Bitbucket repository, automatically chooses an API documentation tool, executes it, and hosts it.
    • Automated maintenance of difficult-to-maintain documentation.
  3. Loadroid: Automated load testing service
    • Cloud load testing service. Simply write a test scenario, and Loadroid automatically constructs a cloud-based load testing server, executes the test, and provides actionable test results.
    • Capable of executing ultra large capacity load tests, simulating hundreds of thousands of clients. For the first time, IoT-like use cases can be easily simulated.


Tomoaki Kobayakawa, Rocro Inc.