Rocro Inc. Announces Official Launch of Inspecode and Docstand SaaS, Automated Code Review and API Documentation Solutions



Rocro Inc., a subsidiary of Sony Network Communications that helps software developers spend less time on code reviews, load testing, and API documentation, is proud to announce the official launch of its first two SaaS products:

  • Inspecode, an automated code review, and code correction solution
  • Docstand, an API documentation and hosting solution.

Rocro, one of the latest companies to come out from Sony, has its roots in Sony ‘s software development group. The company was established as a solely owned subsidiary of Sony Network Communications, and it aims to make publicly available the solutions initially developed for Sony’s internal cloud infrastructure.

The public beta versions of Inspecode and Docstand and the closed beta version of Loadroid were first made available on September 14th, 2017. Since then, Rocro managed to acquire more than 1700 users from all over the world, from Japan to the United States and India.

To make sure software developers get the most out of our products, we decided to employ a per core pricing structure. Rocro’s monthly subscription starts at $50 US dollars per core. For more details, please have a look below:


We believe that a per core pricing structure is more efficient than a per seat one. With our pricing structure, regardless of the number of users, the monthly price you’ll have to pay will depend only on the maximum number of CPU cores your development team will use for Inspecode / Docstand.

For example, if opting for two cores, it will cost $100 per month for the entire team. Conversely, if opting for 4 cores, it will cost $200 USD per month. This model is very simple and predictable, and, at the same time, it enables you to choose the optimal solution for your team. The costs will not change, even if more developers join the team.
Inspecode and Docstand are engineered to provide breathtaking levels of speedup by executing the processing tasks in parallel. Combined with our fee structure described above, this allows our customers to control the amount of processing power available for each team of developers, and, most importantly, save money. For more details, please refer to our blog post on how to optimize resource allocation.

We are happy to announce that, to celebrate the official launch, all our customers will enjoy unlimited execution time with “Free plan” until the end of November 2018.

About Rocro Inc.

Rocro Inc., a 100% owned subsidiary of Sony Network Communications, was established to help software developers around the world focus on the essentials. The company provides an array of services that increase the level of automation for day to day activities, simplify development tasks, and parallelize them.

Rocro services outline

  1. Inspecode: Automated code review & code correction service
    • Automated code review, powered by more than 70 established tools such as Checkstyle, golint, Pyflakes, etc.
    • Strong automated correction features. Easily merge fixes using Pull Request.
    • Faster than the current state-of-the-art. Results are obtained instantly.
  2. Docstand: API documentation and hosting service
    • Connects to a GitHub or Bitbucket repository, automatically chooses an API documentation tool, executes it, and hosts it.
    • Automated maintenance of difficult-to-maintain documentation.
  3. Loadroid: Automated load testing service
    • Cloud load testing service. Simply write a test scenario, and Loadroid automatically constructs a cloud-based load testing server, executes the test, and provides actionable test results.
    • Capable of executing ultra large capacity load tests, simulating hundreds of thousands of clients. For the first time, IoT-like use cases can be easily simulated.

Note: Loadroid remains in closed beta.


Tomoaki Kobayakawa, Rocro Inc.


Rocro株式会社、自動コードレビューサービスInspecodeと 自動APIドキュメント生成サービスDocstandの正式版をリリース

ソフトウェア開発者向けSaaSをグローバルに提供するRocro株式会社(本社:東京都品川区、代表取締役社長:小早川 知昭、以下Rocro)は、自動コードレビューサービス Inspecode(インスペコード)と、自動APIドキュメント生成サービス Docstand(ドックスタンド)の正式版提供を開始いたしました。













  1. Inspecode: 自動コードレビュー&コード修正サービス
    • Checkstyle、golint、Pyflakesなど70以上の定評のあるツールで自動コードレビュー
    • 強力な自動修正機能。修正コードをPull requestでマージ
    • 複数のツールによる解析を並列に実行することで、非常に短時間で解析が完了
  2. Docstand: APIドキュメント生成&ホスティングサービス
    • レポジトリと連携して最新のAPIドキュメントを自動生成&ホスティング
    • 面倒なドキュメントの維持管理作業を自動化
  3. Loadroid: 自動負荷試験サービス
    • クラウド負荷試験サービス。シナリオを書くだけで、クラウド上に負荷サーバを自動構築、負荷試験実施、結果の自動集計
    • 大規模負荷試験、数十万台のIoT機器を模擬した試験など、難度の高い試験が手軽に可能